Gotham City Architecture: The Gotham City Police Department Headquarters

Gotham City Police Department

The Gotham City Police Department Headquarters is one of the oldest and most resilient landmarks in the city. It survived attacks by a mad architecture historian during the Pinkney bombings, the Gotham cataclysm and No Man’s Land, and many, many, many other attacks by criminals and supervillains. No matter what happens, the station is always repaired to continue upholding law and order in a city embattled with crime and corruption.

The station, which is located in the Old Gotham neighborhood, was designed in an industrial-gothic style by noted Gotham architect Cyrus Pinkney. It has continuously served as the primary headquarters for the dedicated officers of the G.C.P.D since its completion in the nineteenth century. The G.C.P.D. headquarters is also home to one of the most familiar sights in Gotham: The Bat-Signal, a beacon that is used by the police commissioner to contact Batman when his help is needed.