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Batman Gotham City Gone Wild

According to the recent cannon established by DC’s “New 52″ reboot, during Batman’s early days as a hero Gotham City was taken over by the Riddler, who used stolen technology to completely control the city’s infrastructure systems. Not only that, but he used a stolen formula developed by the scientist Pamela Isley ,who would become the […]
The first appearance of the iconic Daily Planet building in the “The Arctic Giant,” the fourth episode of the Superman cartoon created by Fleischer Studios. Original airdate: February 26, 1942

Metropolis Architecture: The Daily Planet

This is an interesting article from Design Decoded: Though well known today, the Daily Planet building wasn’t always so critical to the Superman mythos. In fact, when the Man of Steel made his 1938 debut in the page of Action Comics #1, it didn’t exist at all. Back then, Clark Kent worked for the The […]

A Map of Superman’s Metropolis

A small gallery of Metropolis maps. New Troy is the main island of Metropolis and one of the six boroughs in the city. It represents the hub of Metropolis’ central business district and is the equivalent to New York City’s Manhattan.

Where Is Superman’s Metropolis?

Where is Metropolis? Well, it depends on which Metropolis you’re asking about. In the comics, the answer might surprise you. The exact location of Metropolis in the United States has never been canonically established. Although Superman creators Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel lived in Cleveland, they never established a canonical hometown for their iconic creation. […]

The Real Arkham Asylum

The Danvers State Hospital, also known as the Danvers Lunatic Asylum Arkham asylum was first created by Dennis O’Neil in 1974. He named the asylum after a town in the stories of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft originally created Arkham as an apocryphal analogue of Salem, Mass. The Lovecraft story, “The Thing on the Doorstep” […]
court of the owls nests

The Hidden Nests of The Court of Owls

The Court of Owls are a group that claims to have secretly ruled Gotham City since colonial times. Over the course of more than a century, they have infiltrated Gotham’s architecture and infrastructure to create a secret city whose passages are known only to the members of the Court, including an enormous labyrinth hidden deep below […]
Arkham Asylum map

Gotham City History: Arkham Asylum

FICTIONAL HISTORY Arkham Asylum is the home for the criminally insane denizens of Gotham City. But, as Director Jeremiah Arkham will tell you, it’s much more than that: “Arkham Asylum is not just any institution for the criminally insane. It’s the Ivy League of insanity.” Arkham Asylum was founded by Amadeus Arkham after his mother, […]
Gotham City Map

The Dark Knight Rises Gotham City Map

This Gotham City Map was taken from a The Dark Knight Rises viral marketing campaign game, The Fire Rises, that asks players to join Bane’s gang in their request to take over Gotham. The Map confirms that the Gotham City of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films follows a very similar cartographic design to the Gotham City […]
Gotham City Police Headquarters

Gotham City Architecture: The Gotham City Police Department Headquarters

Having survived the Pinkney bombings, the Gotham earthquake, and No Man’s Land, the Gotham City Police Department Headquarters is one of the oldest and most resilient landmarks in the city. Located in Old Gotham, the Cyrus Pinkney-designed building serves as the primary headquarters for the dedicated officers of the Gotham City Police Department. Though the […]
Gotham City skyline

Gotham City: No Man’s Land

The Gotham earthquake was the worst on its kind in recorded East Coast history. It measured 7.6 on the richter scale and was centered in the Spillkin Hill area of Bristol Township about 10 to 20 miles north of the city center. Worse still, mosts buildings in Gotham had not been properly prepared for the […]